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Belgian 'egg house' combines bed, bath and kitchen in self-contained unit

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In 2009, Belgian architecture firm dmvA had a problem. They had been commissioned to build an office extension for an Italian design firm, but the local zoning board refused to approve any permanent structures. Their solution: make it smaller, and make it mobile. The result is this "egg house," a moveable micro-house that combines kitchen, bathroom and bedroom into just 215 square feet of space.

The blob is built from cast polyester on a plywood skeleton, but the core of the design relies on a network of egg-crate like cubbies built just inside the walls. The cubbies house kitchen gear, combine for bunk space, and at the narrow end, make way for the door separating off the bathroom. At the other end, egg-dwellers can swing open the wall to create an open porch, providing even more potential space.