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The week in Verge Video - October 7th, 2013

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Welcome to another exciting week in Verge Video. Top Shelf is in the middle of a small break, and Small Empires is returning next week (more details later this week). In the mean time, here's what's coming up in the days ahead.


  • Verge Mobile Show

    Tuesday at 4:30PM ET

    The Verge Mobile Show is a weekly podcast covering the latest in mobile technology news. Last week, your hosts Dan Seifert, Dieter Bohn, Chris Ziegler, and Vlad Savov discussed Google's rumored Nexus 5, their experiences with the iPhone 5s, as well as Samsung's new smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear.


  • Detours


    The Verge is traveling around the United States to see how science and technology are driving the next generation of American innovation, looking beyond just apps and gadgets. On last week's episode, Highland Park firefighter Scott Ziegler explains how a helmet cam brought attention and support to his fire department.