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How Spike Jonze stepped away from genius screenwriters for 'Her'

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her (official still)
her (official still)

Spike Jonze partnered with some of the most acclaimed writers around for his first three films, but Her finally finds the director tackling screenwriting on his own. In an in-depth profile of Jonze's work on the new film, Vulture explains how he's managed to insert his interests and sensibilities into a love story between man and machine. That includes remaining right beside the action when on set, rather than hanging back and watching live displays of what's being shot. "It’s just the way I like to work,” Jonze tells Vulture. “I’d rather be close.”

Production on the film didn't go flawlessly, however. Jonze ultimately recast and reimagined a central character while editing the film: the original voice of the operating system that Her's protagonist becomes attached to was coming across as a little too caring, and Jonze realized that she needed to be a bit more emotional. He also reportedly struggled to cut down the film from two and a half hours to something a bit tighter, eventually passing the footage off to director Steven Soderbergh for some advice on how to approach the cutting room. Vulture has more production details in its profile of Jonze, including how his inspiration for the future came from the inside of a Jamba Juice.