In February, video game auteur David Cage told his industry to grow up, to produce games for adults — games that have something to say. "By the time you turn off your console, the game will leave an imprint. You will think about what you've seen. That's what every creative medium should achieve."

Cage’s creative medium, however, doesn’t fit the trappings of a traditional video game. Available for PlayStation 3 today, Beyond: Two Souls is his latest, greatest attempt to build an interactive movie. Like his previous works Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy, it’s not about shooting through waves of bad guys, jumping from platform to platform, or exploring an open world. It’s more of a Choose Your Own Adventure book writ large. Most of the time, you simply point your character in a direction, pick one of the options given to you, and sometimes help your character act out actions by pressing buttons in time with onscreen prompts. Your reward is to see how the plot cinematically unfolds.