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Surface 2 video reveals new Type Cover colors and keyboard gestures

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Surface Type Covers green and orange
Surface Type Covers green and orange

Microsoft is preparing to launch its Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets on October 22nd, and the company is offering a brief look at the making of the devices ahead of their debut. A new video posted to Microsoft's Surface YouTube channel details some of the design changes and updates to the Surface 2, but it largely focuses on the new Type and Touch Cover accessories. While Microsoft explains the updates to its tablets it shows off some new colors for what appears to be a Type Cover. Alongside the usual purple, black, pink, and blue, there are new green and orange colors too.

"Everything has been touched," claims Stevie Bathiche, a Microsoft distinguished scientist. Microsoft has improved the speakers, weight, and form factor with a new two-stage kickstand that the company focuses on during the video. Bathiche also briefly mentions the new gestures for the Touch Cover 2. Microsoft hasn't detailed them fully yet, but they include the ability to activate the Charms menu by swiping from the right on the touch pad.

Gestures across the entire keyboard

The entire keyboard also supports gestures, thanks to a matrix of sensors that are spread out across the entire accessory. There are a number of keyboard gestures, including sliding two fingers across the number keys to highlight text, and the ability to delete the selected text upon release. There's also a spacebar gesture that lets you access the word recommendations in Windows 8.1 to quickly correct misspelt phrases.

Microsoft's video doesn't offer up any additional details on other improvements to Surface 2, but a recent Reddit AMA revealed that the company has improved the power connector design for its next-generation. "We spent a lot of time redesigning the profile of the connector, the part that you hold with your fingers," explains Surface designer Ralf Groene. "We designed it so it is much easier to position and insert it. We also redesigned the LED on the connector such that you can see its indicator from every angle."