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Apple to host iPad event on October 22nd, says All Things D

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Apple Store SoHo STOCK
Apple Store SoHo STOCK

In September, Apple launched two new iPhones and iOS 7. But there was plenty it didn't show, from MacBook Pros to iPads to OS X Mavericks to that wild-looking new Mac Pro — but those might all be around the corner. "People familiar with Apple's plans" tell All Things D that the company will be holding an invitation-only event on October 22nd. CE: The Magazine first reported the date back in mid-September. It's not yet clear where the event will be held.

Notably, October 22nd is the same day that Microsoft is launching its Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets. If that weren't enough, Nokia will be holding an event to reveal new hardware on that date as well.

Widespread leaks suggest that Apple will update its iPad mini with a new, higher-resolution Retina display than the outgoing model. Additionally, the company is set to give the iPad its first complete redesign in two years by narrowing the bezels of the tablet and overall making it more similar to the iPad mini. All Things D reports that both tablets will use the company's new 64-bit A7 chip.

Considering Apple limited itself to only the mild refreshes introduced by the iPhone 5S and 5C at its press event last month, there's likely even more on tap. With Apple's latest version of its desktop operating system — OS X Mavericks — on the horizon, as well as updated MacBooks with Intel's latest Haswell processors and possibly other hardware, this event looks like it will be very busy. If Apple confirms the date, you know that we'll be there live to cover all of the news as it happens.