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Amazon Matchmaker pairs Audible audiobooks with Kindle ebooks

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Amazon Kindle Fire HDX
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

Amazon wants to bundle Kindle ebook purchases with Audible audiobooks. The company has announced a new shopping tool called "Matchmaker" that scans your ebook library and find which ones are compatible with Whispersync for Voice. The service, first announced last year, allows readers to pick up at the right spot when switching between reading and listening to books, across devices. Amazon says it's doubled the selection of Whispersync for Voice titles to 30,000, and with Matchmaker you'll be able to add a narrated copy of a book to your Kindle ebook with one click. Some deals come in at $3.95 or less, but others cost more than that. For now audio playback is only available on the Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, and Kindle Keyboard, as well as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. The company ceased including audio playback capability in its newer eReaders starting with the Kindle Paperwhite.

Correction: An earlier version of this article mistakenly stated all audiobook upgrades cost $3.95 or less. Closer inspection of Amazon's website reveals that pricing is only applicable for deals.