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Is this Samsung's curved smartphone?

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Samsung Curved phone
Samsung Curved phone

Late last month, Samsung executives teased that the company would unveil a smartphone with a curved display sometime in October. Well there's been no official announcement as of yet, but we may be getting our first peek at the device courtesy of @evleaks. An apparent promotional image shows off an international version of the upcoming device — presumably set to join the company's Galaxy line — and the curved form is unmistakable. @evleaks says the phone in question is model SM-G910S and is destined for the Korean market. Another photo reveals that the device shares the faux leather backing of the Galaxy Note 3.


We've previously seen a curved OLED prototype from Samsung, but this device is quite different: it curves inward at its vertical axis, matching recent patent applications from the manufacturer. We can only imagine how Samsung intends to market such a unique handset (and how it will explain the "benefits" of a curved display to consumers), but it shouldn't be long until the company reveals all. And recent moves from competitors suggest Samsung won't be alone in embracing the curve.