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Louis C.K.'s latest HBO special now available for $5 without DRM

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Louis CK
Louis CK

The 2013 HBO special Louis C.K.: Oh My God is now available through the comedian's site for $5. Just like C.K.'s Live at the Beacon Theatre, the standup show is available globally, free of any DRM. As we remarked when the move was announced, it's a surprise to see HBO give up control of content without restrictions, but that's likely attributable to Louis C.K.'s popularity and power within comedy circles rather than a change of heart from the network.

Oh My God first aired on HBO last April. $5 gets you two versions: the original HBO show, and another containing 12 minutes of additional footage. Although it's free of DRM, C.K.'s site limits your options slightly. You'll be able to download the original or extended editions in SD or HD MP4 video a total of three times, download the audio in MP3 or FLAC three times, and stream the video or audio twice. After you've reached your limit, you'll have to purchase it again. On launching, the site crashed due to excessive numbers buying the show, but it appears to be stable now.