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Unannounced Sonos Play:1 wireless speaker already on sale for $199.99

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sonos play:1
sonos play:1

This is the unannounced Sonos Play:1 speaker first mentioned in an FCC leak back in early September. The $199.99 white and black versions were spotted on shelves of a local Target by a Verge reader. Other details remain a mystery. Sonos' naming convention, however, suggests that the Play:1 will house a single speaker, whereas the Play:3 has three and the Play:5 has five.

While a single unit might have trouble filling a room on its own, a pair of these relatively miniature sized speakers playing in strereo sync would certainly do the job, and they're just right to act as the rear channels in a Sonos Playbar multi-channel configuration. And, at $199.99 each, they lower the barrier of entry into the Sonos ecosystem to anyone that can afford a Jawbone Jambox. Big question is: does it have a battery?

The Verge has contacted Sonos for further information on the Play:1 and will let you know if we hear back.

Thanks, bacaramac!