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Disney shuts down Pixar Canada studio, closure results in 100 lost jobs

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Pixar Canada better
Pixar Canada better

Disney has decided to close up shop on Pixar Canada, a move that will result in the loss of 100 jobs. According to Variety, Pixar's parent company has apparently decided that moving forward, the best strategy is to have all employees working at the studio's main California headquarters. "The team at Pixar Canada is incredibly talented and we are so proud of the excellent work we have produced there," a spokesperson told Variety after news of the closing was made public.

"However, as we look at the creative and business needs of our studio, we’ve made the decision to refocus our efforts and resources under one roof in Emeryville and will be closing the studio in Vancouver." Pixar Canada wasn't responsible for the company's full-length films; instead, it produced several shorts that preceded Pixar's feature attractions. Those include Air Mater, Small Fry, and Partysaurus Rex, reports Variety. In 2011, the Pixar Podcast interviewed Dylan Brown, Pixar Canada's creative director, about the studio and its mission to support the California HQ. The surprise closure, which is effective immediately, will no doubt come as heartbreaking news to those employees.