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Google Maps rolls out directions for multiple destinations

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Google Maps Android update
Google Maps Android update

It's been nearly five months since Google unveiled its redesigned Maps service, but apparently the Maps team isn't finished with it just yet. In response to feedback on the original redesign, today Google Maps for desktop is rolling out its most requested feature: support for multiple destinations within the Directions tool. If you're driving from your office to the store and then home, you'll now be able to see it all in a single screen, thanks to a new "+" button in the interface that lets users add additional legs of a trip.

Alongside the Directions upgrade, Maps is also rolling out new Google Now-style cards that will add information within the site. Searching for a flight, hotel or restaurant will now call up any connected reservations for that location, and searching for a music venue or sports arena will bring up a card showing upcoming events. It's the kind of semantic search info that's already common within Google Search, but has become an increasingly integral part of Maps after the recent redesign.