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Google highlights the Nexus 5's camera in first commercial

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nexus 5 commercial
nexus 5 commercial

Google has released its first ad for the Nexus 5, and like many of its recent commercials, the spot is heavy on emotion and light on product. The ad begins with a woman activating Google Now by saying "Ok, Google," and then requesting it display her wedding photos. The minute-long spot spends the majority of its remaining time flipping through boisterous parties across the globe, every so often cutting in to show a Nexus 5 being used take photos or look through albums. The story may not be the strongest, but it's clear that Google is confident in the Nexus 5's camera — a sore spot for previous Nexus devices. Google has been trying to show a strong focus on photography as it adds more and more features to Google+, and this latest ad appears to be another step in strengthening that message.