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Instagram launches ads with sponsored post from Michael Kors

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Instagram ad
Instagram ad

Instagram has officially launched its advertising platform today. Only a week after the company previewed its approach to sponsored posts, an ad from Michael Kors has begun appearing in user timelines. Keep in mind that this photo (and others like it) will show up in your timeline regardless of whether or not you follow the brand being advertised. Still, it takes just a couple taps to hide Instagram ads, and the company is also encouraging users to provide feedback on any sponsored content they find to be in bad taste.

Last week, Instagram began displaying a sample sponsored message to get users acclimated with the change; the service has remained ad-free until now. But Instagram needs to find a reliable path to monetization, and even this early on, it's clear that users are seeing the ads — and reacting to them. The Michael Kors sponsored post has already received over 36,000 likes, though it's also prompted a number of unhappy comments from users.