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Sacha Baron Cohen stepping back into character for 'Ali G: Rezurection'

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Ali G - Sacha Baron Cohen
Ali G - Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen has brought a number of colorful characters to life during his career, but now he's going back to where things began: Ali G. Deadline and Variety are reporting that the comedian has signed a deal to bring the character to FXX – the comedy-oriented sister station of FX — with a project called Ali G: Rezurection. The show will be a repackaged version of every episode of HBO's Da Ali G Show, as well as the first six episode of the British version of the program. Even better, each episode will feature new in-character introductions from Baron Cohen.

It's part of a larger deal the actor's production company has struck with FX to develop original television programming. Sacha Baron Cohen first garnered mainstream attention with Da Ali G Show, the program where he also introduced the characters of Borat and Brüno. While the Borat film made a huge cultural impact when it hit theaters in 2006, efforts like The Dictator and the Brüno movie didn't attain the same level of success. Baron Cohen will next be seen in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, but for those that miss Ali G — or haven't experienced the character in the first place — the new deal is welcome news.