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Delta and JetBlue become first airlines to allow electronics during takeoff and landing

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Delta Airlines (STOCK)
Delta Airlines (STOCK)

Delta and JetBlue have become the first two US airlines to allow e-readers, tablets, and other electronic devices to be used throughout the flight. Following the FAA's recommendation that travelers be allowed to use gadgets from gate to gate, both companies indicated yesterday that they had put in applications for approval. The FAA has now officially said that their testing results, policy tweaks, and training changes are up to par. "As of 4:15 PM today, Delta officially received approval from the FAA for their plan to allow [personal electronic device] use from gate to gate, effective immediately," a Delta spokesperson tells The Verge.

A photo from a JetBlue flight today (embedded below) also confirms the change. We've reached out to the FAA, JetBlue, and also American Airlines — which has indicated it will move quickly to adopt the new policies — for more details. On Twitter, a report from Runway Girl Network says that JetBlue has given passengers the go ahead to use their devices during takeoff and landing.