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How skydiving, surfing, and kittens have made GoPro the best-selling camera on the planet

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The GoPro is now the world's best-selling camera according to the NPD Group and GoPro's internal sales data. The waterproof, mountable device can shoot video and stills, and has rapidly become the go-to tool for adrenaline sports fans, allowing point-of-view footage by affixing a GoPro to an opportune body part.

Anderson Cooper explores the meteoric rise of the GoPro in CBS' 60 Minutes. Cooper speaks to the company's CEO, Nick Woodman, who got the idea for the device after his first venture capital-funded business failed and he decided to spend a year surfing. The young billionaire recounts his time spent selling wrist-mounted cameras out of his surfer van, how he realized the GoPro had a mass market in the driving seat of a race car, and why all of his company's marketing is done by people who video themselves throwing babies into the air and resuscitating kittens.