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Sony gets weird again with a PlayStation 4 homage to Daft Punk

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PS4 unboxing
PS4 unboxing

After promoting the PlayStation 2 with duck-headed freaks and the PlayStation 3 with a terrifyingly anthropomorphic doll, you'd be forgiven for being disappointed by Sony's run-of-the-mill juxtaposition of Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' for its PlayStation 4 ad. Luckily, there's still some life in Sony's marketing team, as demonstrated by its decision to turn an ordinary PS4 unboxing video into a Daft Punk parody.

Rather than satiating the needs of unboxing fans with a methodical step-by-step look at what's inside, Sony instead places its much-anticipated console under a familiar spotlight in the same retro-futuristic server room used in the (Sony Columbia Records-produced) Random Access Memories unboxing. A pair of hands, encased in smooth brown leather, gently inspects each of the box's contents. A network voucher, a quick start guide, a DualShock 4 controller, an HDMI cable, an AC cord, a mono headset, and a USB cable are all given the secret agent treatment, before a PlayStation 4 console is held high, reflecting the spotlight onto a server.

Who is our gloved leaker? None other than Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, who finishes the clip by toeing the company's "greatness awaits" line. Like the Daft Punk video it clearly sends up, it's unnecessarily over the top, but it's an entertaining way to waste time while waiting for the PlayStation 4 to launch this Friday.

Update: This article has been updated to reflect the degree of Daft Punk inspiration.