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Lady Gaga's flying dress is ready to take off

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Lady Gaga flying dress (NanyGagaloo)
Lady Gaga flying dress (NanyGagaloo)

Lady Gaga concerts usually involve a heavy amount of flamboyance and theatrics, and the singer’s most recent show is no exception. In scenes reminiscent of Michael Jackson's jetpack, Gaga took to the stage in New York last night to unveil a "flying dress." Dubbed the Volantis transport prototype, Lady Gaga appeared at her ARTPOP album release event to demonstrate the battery-powered dress. The dress has six booms arranged in a hex formation with two electric motors at the end of each boom that provide power to custom carbon fiber propeller blades. The performer doesn’t control the dress herself, instead a separate technician controls the unit via radio signals to make it lift nearly 70 inches above the stage.

Gaga describes the dress as "essentially a vehicle," designed as a symbol for the youth of the world. "Their minds are just so boundless," says Gaga. "They're just so inspiring." With Gaga aboard, the vehicle looks like a giant AR.Drone helping to lift her above the stage. The dress was created by London fashion technology company Studio XO, the same firm that put together a digital mermaid bra for Azealia Banks earlier this year. It might not involve controversial amounts of meat, but floating above the ground is good practice for Gaga’s upcoming concert from space in 2015.