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Gmail adds quick action buttons for YouTube, Dropbox, Seamless, and OpenTable

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Gmail Quick Action YouTube
Gmail Quick Action YouTube

Earlier this year, Gmail introduced quick-action buttons to help users take action on inbox messages without needing to open them first. And today, Google is broadening support for the useful feature. If you've recently ordered food from a restaurant on Seamless, you can now quickly rate and leave feedback on that business by clicking a "review" button that appears alongside the email subject line. OpenTable has also come on board, letting users edit any dinner reservations they've made directly from the inbox itself.

Videographers stand to save some time with today's update, as well; YouTube and Vimeo clips can now be opened as soon as they've finished uploading with a new "view video" quick action button. And finally, Google says that shared Dropbox folders and Google Docs can easily be accessed through quick actions, eliminating any need to dig through your email for a given link. "We’re continuing to add even more buttons to make it easier for you to get things done in Gmail," the company says, suggesting that more partners (and a more productive email experience for users) are on the way.