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Xbox One includes system-wide SkyDrive integration

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SkyDrive Xbox One
SkyDrive Xbox One

As Microsoft edges closer to its Xbox One release on November 22nd the company is starting to detail some of the built-in apps available on the console. While the Xbox 360 includes access to a SkyDrive application, the Xbox One’s support goes a little further. Microsoft is integrating its cloud storage service directly into its OneGuide TV channel listings, allowing the service to display photos and folders without the app being open.

SkyDrive’s pictures and camera roll folders are both added to the OneGuide by default, and when Xbox One owners select a photo it launches directly into a slide show of that particular photo and the rest of the album. The TV listings integration is the big change from the current Xbox 360 version, but Microsoft also has snapping support with the Xbox One that allows gamers to watch photos alongside music from the Xbox Music service. Photos and videos are both supported in the SkyDrive app in very much the same way the 360 version supports them, with access to folders and file listings.

MP3 streaming appears to still be missing

One feature that appears to still be missing is the ability to stream audio files from the SkyDrive app. The existing SkyDrive Xbox 360 app doesn’t play MP3 files, and given the lack of any audio mention in Microsoft’s announcement it’s unlikely that’s changed. True to form, Microsoft has provided us the following statement confirming that for now at least, SkyDrive for Xbox One won't support streaming audio: "Currently, SkyDrive on Xbox One automatically filters out just your photos and videos for a beautiful viewing experience on Xbox One."