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Bing overhauls music-video search to turn the results page into a jukebox

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New bing logo stock 2
New bing logo stock 2

Bing has introduced a new search experience for music videos designed to highlight popular tracks and let you preview songs directly from the results page. In addition to YouTube, Bing searches Vimeo, MTV, and Artist Direct, and organizes the videos it finds in a full-screen grid. The result is a search experience that appears slightly denser with information than results pages offered by Google or YouTube. It's annoying, then, that you can't get there directly from — you have to click the videos tab on Bing or on individual search-results pages. Microsoft says its video search covers 1.7 million songs, 70,000 artists, and half a million albums.


YouTube became the biggest free music service on the planet while doing little to make it easier to use as a jukebox. With the company preparing a subscription version of its service, the pressure on its rivals to deliver more music through search will only increase. The latest changes to Bing shows that Microsoft understands the demand.