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Director Duncan Jones reveals concept art for upcoming 'World of Warcraft' movie

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Draenor (source: Kotaku)
Draenor (source: Kotaku)

It's been almost a year since we heard that Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) would take the reins as director for a movie based on the long-running Warcraft franchise. However, more details finally emerged over the weekend at this year's BlizzCon event, including a first look at some concept art. As reported by Kotaku, scenes revealed include Draenor, home of the orcs, Ironforge, city of the Dwarves, and Stormwind, home of the Alliance. The images didn't give away too much detail, but they definitely retain the colorful and almost cartoonish characteristics that World of Warcraft is know for.

Jones kept casting details under wraps, but he did talk in a broad way about what the plot will cover — it'll focus on the conflict of humans vs. orcs, going back to the original Warcraft games. Leading the charge will be Anduin Lothar and Durotan as opposing leaders of the humans and orcs, respectively. Beyond these two leading men, Jones said there would be a number of opportunities for leading female characters as well. While there's still very little info floating around about the upcoming film, the movie is still over two years away — we should hear plenty more about it as the December 2015 release date approaches.