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Popular spacefaring strategy game 'FTL' coming to iPad in 2014

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FTL 1020
FTL 1020

When FTL: Faster Than Light launched on PC, Mac, and Linux in September 2012, it was almost universally praised for its brilliant combination of art, music, and genre-bending gameplay. Today, developer Subset Games announced FTL: Advanced Edition — a free expansion pack for the original game — but also FTL for iPad, which fans have been clamoring for since the game was released. Even at launch, FTL's onscreen controls for equipping lasers, powering up shields, and opening airlocks seemed like a perfect match for tablets. There's no word yet on details like pricing or an exact release date, but Subset Games expressed interest in eventually developing the game for other tablet platforms.

"Few games have made dying so addictive," wrote Andrew Webster in his ode to FTL, and come early 2014, you'll die again and again — once by laser cannon, and another time by rogue asteroid — on a tablet you can bring anywhere.