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'The Princess Bride' could become a Disney stage play

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Six years after a previous effort was derailed by a financial dispute, The Princess Bride is once again headed for the stage. Disney Theatrical Productions said today that it is collaborating with William Goldman, author of the fairy tale that became a beloved 1987 movie, on a new stage production. No timeline for the production has been announced, and at this point it has not decided whether the play will be a musical or not. But The Hollywood Reporter speculates that it will, given Disney's long history with stage musicals.

The comic love story traces the romance of Princess Buttercup and the farm boy Westley, who (spoiler!) transcends his humble origins to inherit the mantle of Dread Pirate Roberts and rescue his kidnapped sweetheart. A previous effort to bring the cult hit to the stage collapsed in 2007 after Goldman reportedly demanded a bigger stake in the show.