Tearaway is a world made entirely from paper — whether it's the splashing puddles, or the wafting lines from a particularly stinky piece of cheese. A soon-to-be-released game for the PS Vita, Tearaway is the latest creation from Media Molecule, the team behind PS3 hit LittleBigPlanet. And it not only has an absolutely charming papercraft art style, but does something few other Vita titles manage: it makes use of the device's unique features in inspired and delightful ways. Whether it's using the camera to literally put you into the game, or letting you stick your fingers into the virtual world using the rear touch panel, Tearaway is not just a great game, it's one that could only work on Sony's handheld. And it manages to do so in a way that feels enaging instead of gimmicky. "As a company, we have a real desire to make very playful experiences," says creative lead Rex Crowle.