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Vine for Windows Phone arrives with Live Tile and camera integration

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Vine for Windows Phone
Vine for Windows Phone

Twitter promised that it would launch an official Vine Windows Phone client, and after a brief demonstration at Nokia World it’s finally arriving today. It looks largely the same as the existing iOS and Android versions, with the ability to create six second videos using the rear- or front-facing cameras. Vine is taking advantage of Microsoft’s unique Windows Phone features, including the ability to pin Vine users to the Start screen, and integration with the Windows Phone camera Lens feature. The app also supports fast resume, a key feature for Windows Phone’s multitasking.

Update: The app is now available in the Windows Phone Store. While it's almost identical to rival platforms, the Windows Phone client doesn't include multiple sessions with the ability to resume Vines. It's simply shoot and then process. Processing Vines isn't as quick as iOS, but it's not noticeably slow for six second footage. Pinning options include make a vine and the ability to pin individual friends on the Start screen. There's even a mute toggle in the settings to prevent the sound automatically playing with Vines.