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Xbox One ‘snap’ demo puts games and TV side-by-side

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Xbox One snap
Xbox One snap

One of Microsoft’s more unique features for its Xbox One console is an app snapping feature that’s similar to the company’s Windows 8 software. Microsoft has provided limited demonstrations of the feature previously, but today it’s providing a full demo of exactly how this feature works. From the Xbox One dashboard, owners will be able to use Kinect to snap apps by voice, or select them from a side panel using the controller. Applications like Internet Explorer can be snapped alongside games to play YouTube videos, or access game guides.

Microsoft’s Xbox Live feed of friend updates also supports the snap feature, as well as live TV. Double tapping the Xbox button on the Xbox One controller lets gamers switch between snapped apps and games, and some apps include buttons to take them fullscreen while they’re presented in snap mode. It’s all very similar to the original snap view introduced with Windows 8. Microsoft has since extended that functionality to allow multiple app snapping, but the company still hasn’t fully detailed how it plans to allow developers to build apps for Xbox One.