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Sci-fi legend William Gibson teams up with Buzz Rickson's on B-29 bomber jacket

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william gibson buzz rickson jacket
william gibson buzz rickson jacket

Science fiction novelist William Gibson is a big fan of military outerwear. In his novel Pattern Recognition, protagonist Cayce Pollard donned a made-up Buzz Rickson's MA-1 flight jacket as she investigated mysterious film clips posted to the web. Buzz Rickson's received so many requests for the fictional coat that it eventually produced one, with Gibson's stamp of approval. Several years later, Gibson has teamed up with the company once again. The new B-29 Grosgrain Coat may cost you $690, but, like the MA-1, is constructed with the utmost quality in mind. Dressing up like "cool-hunter" Cayce Pollard doesn't come cheap.

The jacket has a sheep shearling collar, cotton grosgrain outer, quilted rayon inner, brass fasteners, and two hidden hand pockets. While the B-29 isn't as highly technical as the 1957 replica MA-1, seller Self Edge describes it as "super warm." If you're in the market for a briefcase, there's also Gibson's collection of bags with Japanese bag company Porter and Buzz Rickson's, which features military grade ballistic nylon and horse leather. So what's next for the prolific author? An Ono-Sendai cyberdeck collaboration with Dell, perhaps?