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Lytro adds 3D viewing to its photos

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Despite a dearth of updates for its signature hardware, Lytro is still bent on pushing on its Light Field camera technology. Today the company has introduced Lytro 3D, a software update that allows users to view all the photos they've taken with the device in 3D. The camera is also now available in the Apple online store.

Lytro 3D is coupled with updates to the Lytro Desktop client for OS X and Windows and Lytro Mobile for iOS. The updates will let users view their Perspective Shift photos on 3D displays via HDMI or AirPlay, or, according to AllThingsD, on standard displays with some help from red-blue glasses.

Meanwhile, the Lytro's debut in the Apple online store comes right in time for the holiday season, with the company's Cobalt Blue model available worldwide and the Champagne version only sold in the US and Canada.

The first of new things to come?

While this update marks the first development in Lytro's stable in some time, Lytro has been relatively mum on new features since the product's debut in 2011. New features like video, for instance, have yet to come to light, despite founder Eric Cheng noting that it was a real possibility in early 2012. However, CEO Jason Rosenthal did tell SFGate this year that multiple breakthrough products are on the way for 2014. With the new year only months away, this may be Lytro's way of getting consumers to start paying attention.