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Roku adding live streaming apps for WatchESPN and Disney Channels

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Roku 3 interface (765px)
Roku 3 interface (765px)

Roku has announced a deal with Disney and ESPN networks to stream live programming and on-demand content, so long as your cable service is an affiliated provider. Roku owners will be able to download the WatchESPN app to stream ESPN video starting today. Disney programming will come to the set-top box via the Watch Disney Channel, Watch Disney Junior, and Watch Disney XD apps later this month.

Users will be able to stream live broadcasts of sports content like Monday Night Football and SportCenter along with popular Disney shows such as Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb, in the same manner as users would watch shows on HBO Go. The move puts the Roku at equal footing with streaming rival Apple TV in terms of premium content. While the Roku's channel offering is far from anemic, the Apple TV was first to offer ESPN and Disney programming after signing two similar deals earlier this year.