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Google Fiber installations begin in Provo, Utah

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Google Fiber
Google Fiber

Back in April, Provo, Utah officials promised to bring Google Fiber to their city by the end of 2013. Today they're making good on that pledge. A new tweet from the Google Fiber Twitter account confirms that installations of the company's internet / cable service have begun in Provo. Google's deal with the city centered around the purchase of iProvo, an existing fiber-optic network that Mountain View gradually upgraded so that it could reach gigabit speeds. Google says its Fiber internet is up to 100 times faster than the high-speed connections offered by many cable providers.

Aside from a full-blown Fiber subscription, local residents on the Provo network can also opt for "free" service, which offers data speeds up to 5 Mbps after a one-time $30 activation fee. Google has committed to making this option available for at least seven years. The company is also providing gigabit internet to 25 "local public institutions" like schools, hospitals and libraries at no charge. Google Fiber first launched in Kansas City to much fanfare, but the company hasn't exactly been aggressive in expanding availability since then. Other cities where Fiber is (or will be) available include Austin, Texas, and Shawnee, Kansas.