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Marissa Mayer will present Yahoo's future vision at CES 2014 keynote

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Marissa Mayer Yahoo Tumblr (STOCK)
Marissa Mayer Yahoo Tumblr (STOCK)

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has just announced that Marissa Mayer will deliver a keynote address at CES 2014. On Tuesday January 7th Mayer will take to the stage to present her "vision for products, services, and networks that will shape the next wave of innovation." Mayer's appearance will be the first CES keynote address from a Yahoo CEO in many years. In 2009, then-CEO Carol Bartz was confirmed and cancelled as a keynote speaker in a matter of weeks, and a Yahoo CEO hasn't been on stage there since.

Earlier this year, Mayer reportedly used CES to woo big-money advertisers over to Yahoo, but didn't make any public appearances. With Yahoo perhaps more invigorated than it has ever been since Mayer took over, it appears she'll use CES 2014 to speak directly to consumers and industry professionals about her vision for the company.