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iPad Mini, Google Glass, and One World Trade Center: 90 Seconds on The Verge

Come one, come all to the greatest spectacle you've ever laid eyes on! For behind that curtain is a world of mystery and magic, mysticism and wonder, oddity and intrigue. I know many of you have traveled a great distance to make it to the Michigan State Fairgrounds, but I do promise you the wait will be worth it. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girl, I present to you, one of the great enigmas of the modern world. For no advancement in technology will help us better understand what it is that lies before us. Without further ado, I give you a truly audacious reveal and one that will live in your hearts and minds for the rest of your lives. Please put your hands together and help me welcome... *cough* I'm sorry, but my throat is a little dry from talking. Let me grab a glass of water to sooth my parched mouth and then I shall return!

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Hosted by Michael Shane. Written by Nathan Cykiert and Ross Miller. Video Production by Zach Goldstein.