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'Temple Run' could become the latest mobile game to be turned into a movie

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temple run
temple run

The producer of the Harry Potter series of films is in talks to bring best-selling game series Temple Run to the big screen, according to a new report. Warner Bros. is considering a movie adaptation of the 2011 game from Imangi Studios, according to the Hollywood Reporter, with the Potter series's David Heyman as the producer. The film would reportedly adopt the premise of the game, which follows an explorer who is chased by angry temple dwellers after stealing an idol from them. Warner Bros. is seeking a writer for the project, the report said.

Film adaptations of video games are nothing new, but adaptations of mobile games are rare. Of the current generation of mobile games, only Angry Birds has drawn interest from Hollywood: an animated movie is expected in 2016. Temple Run, which has a look and feel similar to the Indiana Jones series of movies, likely looked like a natural to a movie studio looking for likely hits. But Warner Bros. may need to get creative when it comes to an ending — there's no way to win the game, and the explorer always dies in the end.