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Gallery Photo: Morph by Seymourpowell
Gallery Photo: Morph by Seymourpowell

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Morph: a bold seating concept for flexible air travel

Pay for space, not a seat

Air travel on a budget isn't often pleasant. Despite huge leaps forward in comfort for the upper classes (and the more recent "premium economy" class), the economy section of a cabin is more often than not cramped, packed, and charmless. British design firm Seymourpowell has a seating concept that it believes will change that. It's called Morph.

"Passengers who can afford premium, business or first class have a choice and hence some control over their own experience," says Seymourpowell's head of transport Jeremy White. "Morph is a solution – a standard product that meets the needs of lots of different kinds of people."

The pitch is simple: Morph can, quite literally, morph to best serve those who are using it.

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