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Nokia's Lytro-like Refocus app is now available for all PureView Lumias

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Nokia Refocus
Nokia Refocus

Nokia unveiled its Refocus app during its Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi last month, and it’s now ready for download. It’s a separate application that will work on all of Nokia’s PureView Windows Phones to bring a Lytro-like refocus ability to pictures. Nokia’s not using any unique hardware to refocus images after they’re taken, instead the app simply shoots between two and eight photos to support the refocus feature afterwards.

Images can be uploaded and shared to Facebook and other social networks, where friends can then interact with them and refocus photos freely. Nokia’s Refocus app is very similar to the Focus Twist for iOS app that also lets iPhone users share and refocus photos after they’re taken. While Nokia is preparing a future Lumia Black update, this particular Refocus app only requires the existing Amber update so it should be available to every PureView Windows Phone starting today.