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Xbox One guarded by sharks ahead of 10,000 launch parties

Xbox One guarded by sharks ahead of 10,000 launch parties

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Microsoft is preparing for an elaborate Xbox One launch later this month. Ten thousand retail locations in 13 countries will open their doors at midnight to mark the Xbox One launch on November 22nd. Some of the bigger events in major cities will be streamed on Xbox Live and broadcast on Spike TV. In New York Microsoft is planning street entertainment along with free tickets for music gigs, something the company provides regularly at its Microsoft Store launches.

No frickin laser beams

One rather odd and unique aspect to this console’s launch is the appearance of giant Xbox Ones and sharks. The first Xbox One to be sold at retail is being guarded by sand tiger sharks in New Zealand where it will go on sale in just over a week. The Xbox One is currently submerged at an aquarium and will be presented to a customer at a midnight launch event. Microsoft might claim it’s the first Xbox One to be sold, but retailer Target kicked off proceedings a little early by sending some lucky customers their consoles two weeks in advance. The software maker has subsequently banned at least one of those consoles from Xbox Live access until closer to the launch on November 22nd.

During an early Xbox 360 launch event in 2005, Microsoft partnered with MTV to broadcast the show with a performance from The Killers. Microsoft is promising that the Xbox One launch will be even bigger this time around. "Xbox One will be the biggest launch in the history of Xbox and we can't wait to celebrate with our fans," says Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi. Launch event parties are planned for major cities including New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, São Paulo, Toronto, and Sydney.