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Artist's self-portrait is a robot destined to draw forever

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Robo Faber 640
Robo Faber 640

Robo Faber is an autonomous drawing robot that's programmed to sketch random artworks. Created by LA-based Matthias Dörfelt, the tiny Arduino robot is designed to echo the artist's current creative aesthetic. It's an unconventional take on the self-portrait: the concept is that Faber will be an offshoot of the artist's creative thinking that remains frozen in time, replicating his current style long after he has moved onto different things.

Each drawing is made up of predetermined parts coded using Paper.js, a JavaScript library that allows for the creation of complex web animations. Faber stitches together these presets into unique individual artworks formed of perfect curves, straight lines, and everything between. It's highly unlikely two sketches will ever look the same, but Faber clearly has its own style that runs throughout its sketches, as dictated by Dörfelt's programming.


Robo Faber is an extension of the artist's former work. He created a "weird faces vending machine" using the JavaScript library and an Arduino. More recently, Dörfelt used Paper.js to randomize the drawing of flipbooks, and much of that work has gone into programming his latest creation.