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444 PlayStation 4 consoles available at special New York City midnight launch event

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PlayStation logo (verge stock)
PlayStation logo (verge stock)

Sony is making 444 extra PlayStation 4s available to New Yorkers that weren't able to pre-order its new console before stock ran low. The consoles will be available at The Standard, High Line hotel in NYC at midnight on November 15th. Coincidentally, The Standard will also play host to a launch event featuring 30 PlayStation 4 consoles and an interactive lighting installation that will dominate the east and north facades of the hotel.

Also at the event will be "surprise ad-hoc PS4 games," which will offer attendees the chance to meet and play with the developers and producers of the games. The central plaza of the venue will showcase "interactive content and real-time art jams," which will lead to the live broadcast of the first PS4 being sold on Spike TV. The queue for the extra PlayStation 4s begins now — around 40 hours before launch — at Washington and Little West 12th. Sony says there's no cash allowed; all purchases must be made with credit cards. It's going to be a long queue.