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Apple reportedly under investigation for hiding over $1.34 billion from Italian tax authorities

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apple earnings
apple earnings

Apple is under investigation for tax fraud in Italy, where it's alleged to have concealed more than €1 billion (about $1.34 billion) from tax authorities, reports Reuters. Though few other details have been revealed, a judicial source with knowledge of the investigation tells Reuters that "the Apple investigation is under way." Apple has been the subject of much scrutiny for its tax policies lately. In particular, those accusations have focused around Apple's use of Ireland as a tax haven — something that Ireland itself has considered ending.

The tax fraud allegations were first reported by the Italian publication l'Espresso, which includes additional details on the allegations. According to AppleInsider, l'Espresso reports that Apple's offices in Milan have been searched as part of this investigation. It also says that the authorities are taking issue with Apple's use its Irish holding company, alleging that more of its revenue should have been reported as having come from business inside of Italy. Reuters did not confirm those details, however, which appear to only be reported by l'Espresso for now.