Skip to main content had fewer than 27,000 signups in first month had fewer than 27,000 signups in first month

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According to the Obama administration, saw fewer than 27,000 signups via the main website. State websites fared better, coming in at more than 79,000 signups. All told, 106,185 people enrolled in the program, a far cry from the 500,000 it expected when the site opened on October 1st.

Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius says that she expects things to improve, the Associated Press reports. According to the Health and Human Service's November Enrollment Report, the administration has determined that more than 1 million applicants are eligible for coverage. "In spite of recent information system and website issues, interest in the Marketplaces is high."

In spite of issues, interest in the Marketplaces is high

Sebelius and the White House have weathered a long month of criticism surrounding the botched launch of and the glitches that have so far prevented the 7 million Americans shopping for insurance coverage the administration hopes to enroll by next year. The US chief technology officer, Todd Park, endured a grilling before a congressional committee this morning, where he acknowledged that the site has problems that "frustrated Americans," though his involvement in developing the website was small.

While the administration has committed to repairing the website by November 30th, officials have expressed doubt as to whether or not the administration can reach its deadline.