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YouTube Capture app gains new editing features in iOS 7 update

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YouTube Capture
YouTube Capture

YouTube's Capture app is a handy tool for anyone that frequently uploads video from an iPhone or iPad to the popular sharing site. And today the company has updated Capture for iOS 7 while simultaneously adding a slew of important features. You can now pause and resume recording, whereas before any interruption effectively meant ending your clip. But even if you do find yourself with multiple videos, Capture now lets users stitch together an unlimited number of clips in each video. Individual clips can be trimmed and rearranged much like iMovie, and you can also add a soundtrack to your video project directly within Capture — sourced from either your music collection or Capture's own "expanded" library. As before, Capture offers options for stabilization and color correction, and you can share your finished clip on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.