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EASA guidance says Europeans can use personal electronics during flights

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The European Aviation Safety Agency has approved the use of personal electronic devices during all phases of flight. The regulatory body will publish its guidance by the end of November, which means European airlines will be able to let their passengers use tablets, smartphones, e-readers, and other devices from gate to gate.

These devices will still need to be placed in airplane mode during travel, and bulky electronics are to be stowed during taxiing, take off, and landing to avoid injuries caused by low-flying laptops. Cellphone calls remain prohibited during flights, but the EASA says it's "looking at new ways to certify the use of mobile phones onboard aircraft to make phone calls."

Devices need to be in flight safe mode

Expect a handful of European airlines to adopt its guidance shortly after its publication: when the US Federal Aviation Administration announced similar guidance on October 31st, it took just one day for Delta and JetBlue to formally allow the use of qualifiying electronics during all phases of flight.