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'Xbox on' voice command powers up console 'faster than you can find your controller'

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xbox one logo (verge stock)
xbox one logo (verge stock)

Microsoft’s Xbox One console goes on sale in just over a week and the company is continuing to tease out details and demos. We’ve seen a 12-minute tour of Xbox One games, TV, and apps, our very own exclusive look at Xbox TV, and a demo of the voice-activated dashboard. Microsoft provided a closer look at its Xbox One app-snapping feature earlier this week, and now the company is teasing the boot time for the console using the "Xbox on" voice command.

Some Xbox One pre-orders arrived early and revealed a 17-second boot time, but Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb’s most recent video shows a boot time of 13 seconds using voice activation. It’s not clear if this is a cold boot or whether it’s simply using Xbox One's standby-and-resume feature. Either way, Kinect will detect the player immediately and sign them into their relevant Xbox Live account "faster than you can find your controller." It’s the latest example of the impressive features of the new sensor, following a similar tease by Hryb that showed how quick it is to redeem game codes with Xbox One. Microsoft’s Xbox One console goes on sale on November 22nd and The Verge will have a full review before then.