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Intel's first store coming to New York City, more locations to follow

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Brick, mortar, and microchips

Intel stores
Intel stores

Intel might be known for its processors inside PCs, but the company is now experimenting with a line of retail stores this holiday. A range of Intel "experience" pop-up stores are set to debut shortly, with the first opening in New York on November 23rd. The stores are designed for the holidays, and are only open until late January. In a promotional video, Intel claims it’s "redefining retail" with free coffee each day, free movies on Fridays, and a showcase of PCs, tablets, and other Intel-powered devices at the stores.

Pop-up stores designed to boost Intel's brand

The pop-up stores will change physically three times daily, and it appears that Intel has built a dynamic layout to help shift products around in its retail locations. Visitors will also be able to test-drive Intel products at home or recycle used electronics. Visitors won’t be able to purchase products in the stores, unlike traditional retailers, as the pop-up stores are being largely used to push Intel’s brand. With PC sales faltering and ARM-based tablets boosted by the likes of Apple, Google, and Qualcomm, Intel is facing a brand awareness challenge following its iconic "bong" sound used at the end of PC adverts throughout the '90s. Microsoft similarly turned to Best Buy recently to launch its own "Windows Stores" within 600 retail locations in an effort to boost PC sales.

Intel hasn’t yet disclosed all of its retail locations or full details on the products it plans to promote in its stores. The chipmaker is simply teasing the pop-up stores for now, but we’re expecting to learn additional details over the coming days. New York’s NoLita Intel store will open at 10AM on November 23rd.