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Windows developers can now integrate Facebook Login into apps

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Facebook Windows 8
Facebook Windows 8

Microsoft is plugging a hole in its features for developers of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps today. In partnership with Facebook, Windows developers will now be able to integrate the Facebook Login process into Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps. This might seem like a minor addition, but it’s something Windows Phone developers have been requesting for years. Missing Facebook Login support has arguably held back some developers, especially makers of games who often use the support for accounts and access to easy social sharing.

Facebook Login support for Windows 8 launches today and is ready to use for app developers, but the Windows Phone 8 version launches in beta today. Microsoft says it expects the beta will last for around two months to gain feedback. A number of apps are integrating the new support soon. Foursquare is planning to update its Windows 8 app to take advantage of the Facebook Login support. Adobe is also updating its Photoshop Express and Revel apps to let users easily share photos through the apps. iHeartRadio will support the Facebook Login API on Windows 8 to enable quick access to its app. Easy access to apps is essential for app developers to ensure consumers actually use their apps without the friction typically associated with having to sign up for yet another online account.