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Screenwriter reimagines 'Super Mario Bros.' in gritty, drug-fueled homage series

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Four Players "The Addict"
Four Players "The Addict"

No one would accuse Nintendo of injecting much hard reality into Super Mario Sunshine, but Evan Daugherty, writer for Snow White and the Huntsman, is taking a different tack with his dark four-part Four Players series. And the final product looks like classic Nintendo meets Breaking Bad.

Daugherty released the first two of four videos in the Four Players series today, titled "The Fixer" and "The Addict." Daugherty's Mario is an everyday guy compelled to do good — seemingly by the mushrooms he grows. Luigi stars in "The Addict" and suffer from a different problem. After struggling with living up to his brother's example, he turned to taking and selling Fire Flower-based drugs as an escape. But Mario soon comes calling on his help. Why? Presumably to save Princess Peach yet again. Two more shorts will debut tomorrow. Watch the first two right here.