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Flipboard arrives on Windows 8.1 with Live Tile support

Flipboard arrives on Windows 8.1 with Live Tile support

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Flipboard is launching on Windows 8.1 today. We got an early look at the app during Nokia World in Abu Dhabi last month, but the final version will be available in the Windows Store shortly. If you’ve ever used Flipboard on iOS or Android then the experience on Windows 8.1 will be very familiar. After a brief setup phase, Flipboard enables a Live Tile when the app is pinned on the Windows 8.1 Start Screen. Like other apps, it surfaces stories and information from Flipboard dynamically, with the option to create additional Live Tiles for separate sections.

Inside the app it’s the same Flipboard magazine-like layout of stories from around the web that you’ve come to expect. You can search for stories, publications, and even Flipboard users to add additional content to the app, and it’s all presented in a magazine format that you swipe to navigate between pages. Flipboard has built support for the swipe up gesture of Windows 8 to access an app bar with commands like subscribe, refresh, or pin to the Start Screen. There’s also support for Windows 8.1’s new snap modes so you can run Flipboard side by side with other apps. While it doesn’t support the smallest snap-view size, it resizes dynamically and supports portrait mode and 7- and 8-inch tablets well.

Coming to Windows Phone soon

Flipboard is also preparing a similar app for Windows Phone, but that particular version isn’t ready just yet. Flipboard tells us that the Windows 8.1 version will be available in the Windows Store today at around 7PM ET for all users, including those using Windows RT tablets like Microsoft's Surface 2.

Update: It took a little longer than promised, but Flipboard for Windows 8.1 is now live.