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Best New Apps: 'Tilt to Live 2'

Best New Apps: 'Tilt to Live 2'


It's absolutely insane

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Best New Apps: Tilt to Live 2
Best New Apps: Tilt to Live 2

There are plenty of great touchscreen mobile games, but few that use tilt in a way that feels right. Tilt to Live was a rare exception, a frantic arcade game that had you tilting your phone to avoid deadly dots while using all kinds of weapons to destroy them. Now the game has a sequel that features the same core game mechanic, but with one important difference — it's absolutely insane. Just like before, tilting your device moves a tiny arrow around, and after a few short seconds the screen will become flooded with red dots. It only takes one touch for them to kill you and your only hope is the weapons floating around, which will help clear away the dots to give you some breathing room.

It only takes one touch to die

In Tilt to Live 2, those weapons are both ridiculous and ridiculously fun to play with, whether you're working with a double-sided lightsaber or a bouncing meteor that you can actually dribble. Some of the weapons can be linked together: you can wear a disguise so the dots will ignore you, and then grab a lightsaber to slice through them. The sequel even adds boss battles, with massive enemies that you can only destroy by hitting moving targets. Your ultimate goal is simply to stay alive and get a high score, but, as with games like Jetpack Joyride, you'll also find smaller missions to take on. They're necessary for unlocking new weapons, and they force you to use those weapons in strange and challenging ways. No matter how you play, it's an extremely difficult game — I was ecstatic the first time I lasted 60 seconds before dying.

Tilt to Live 2 is bigger and crazier than its predecessor, and it's just as hard to put down. You can download it now on iOS.

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